All About Queen Size Mattress

Queen size mattresses seem to be the most common bedding purchased by a majority of households who belong to the average income group. According to a recent survey, the two most popular bedding terms used by the common users household are- ‘single bed’ and the ‘double bed’. It is the double bed that roughly translates into the standard queen bed frame of 60″ x 80″ dimensions, and hence contributes to the demand for all bed accessories for this particular type.

A few factors are involved in this. Firstly, the houses of people of the middle-income group have room dimensions that do not accommodate the king, but easily makes space for the standard queen. In this section of homes, the best queen size mattress brands are preferred. Secondly, the typical public prefers more space for comfortable sleeping at night. Since sleeping with parents or other family members is prevalent in users cultures, this kind of bedding adorns most bedrooms as they provide both space and comfort in the humid user’s atmosphere. This bedding has more sleeping area, sufficient for the parents to sleep with their kid.

Thirdly, it’s the budget. The leading queen size mattress brands ensure that the shoppers get optimum sleep as it is expected from a king size; yet have to pay less for those fewer inches. The premium brands that deal with bed accessories have a range of affordable standard queens that address different levels of comfort. One can choose from a wide range of beddings with a varied amount of thickness and firmness.

Not only they are the first choice for the bedrooms in homes, most people also prefer them for furnishing the guest room. If you are an expert shopper, you can take up a decoration challenge and beautify the guest room with suitable furniture and contrast colour schemes for that elegant look.

What to Look for When Purchasing a Queen Size Mattress
When purchasing from a leading queen size mattress brand, be sure to explore the physical comfort level before investing in it. This bed accessory comes in different materials and finish. For instance, one can find mattresses made of memory foam, latex, polyurethane, or gel. You can also choose from the hybrid ones or airbeds, waterbeds, and speciality foam cushioning type added to coils or innerspring. The selection of bedding depends on personal choice, preference and health condition of an individual, and hence varies from person to person.


Things You Should Consider Before Buying Bedding

If you are looking to buy bedding, you may be overwhelmed by the sheer variety available in the market. However, if you know what you need before you head to the store, buying the right product can be a lot easier. Quality bed sheets will help you feel comfortable while you are sleeping. Therefore, you should follow the tips given below to make the right choice.

Buying Sheets

Opt for sheets that are the right size for your mattress. For this, it’s a good idea to check the tag. Know that twin-bedding sets are designed for a one-person bed. Make sure you choose deep sheets that can fit your mattress. Another important consideration is the thickness. Low quality bedding is not thick enough. So, this should be kept in mind.

Sheet material

The comfort level of a bedding sheet depends upon the material it’s made out of. Therefore, it’s better to make the right choice. As far as the best choice is concerned, cotton and cotton bleeds may serve the purpose. Although flannel sheets are a good option for the winter season, they will make you uncomfortable in the summer.

Theme and style

Make sure you consider the theme and style of the sheets. What do you want? Do you want a floral, polka dot or stripe design?

It’s important to keep in mind that people look at your bedding as soon as they enter your bedroom. Therefore, choosing bedding that will look great is a good idea. For a great impression, opt for bold colors.

On the other hand, if you prefer understated bedding, you should look for muted colors like grey or dark blue.

Thread count

Why should you check out the thread count? Actually, thread count is a measure of the weave density in threads in an area of one square inch. The price and the quality of the sheets will be based on the number of threads.

Selecting Bedspreads

Opt for a comforter that will look good with your sheets. In other words, the comfort should match the style as well as the theme of your bedroom. For warm climates, it’s better to go for a lightweight product. On the other hand, for cold climates, it’s better to choose heavy comforters.

A duvet is a cover that can be removed. Down feathers are used to make it. Usually, they are put over the sheets. Therefore, it’s a good alternative to a comforter.

Displaying Decorative Bedding

You may want to purchase pillows and showcases as well. So, it’s a good idea to opt for pillows and showcases as a bed can’t be considered complete if you don’t have something to rest your head on.

If you go for a patterned quilt, it will make your bedding colorful. Aside from this, it can make your bedding more comfortable. You can place it over the bed or fold it at the other side of the bed.

So, these are a few things that you should keep in mind when buying quality bed sheets on a budget.


Why You Need Invest On Your Furniture

Furniture is not just a part of home decor, it’s an investment. While there are a couple of inexpensive options in the market. But solid wooden furniture can actually be quite expensive for most of our pockets. It’s not only an investment in terms of money, but also in terms of energy as it takes quite a lot of time and effort in selecting a single range of furniture that would perfectly match with your home décor. Also, considering the number of options available in the market it’s not an easy decision to buy furniture. It takes a lot of planning, thinking through, referencing, sampling and even then there is always scope for making some changes and customisation to suit your personal taste and style. However, there are some key points that you need to remember when you go in for new furniture;

  1. Understanding your space –

The first and foremost thing you need to keep in mind when planning to go in for new furniture is the scope of the place that you are buying it for. Only when you have a fair understanding of how you would like to place the furniture and how much space would it occupy would you be able to take the correct decision in terms of the type that you would want to go in for.

  1. Finding a balance between need and want –

Sometimes, when you go to the market there could be some furniture which catches your eye which may not necessarily fit your pocket or your need of going in for the product. There is so much variety available in the market, it leaves you spoilt for choice. From intricate patterns, to inlays, to colours there is such a mind boggling variety. What is important here is that whatever catches your fancy also has to meet your requirement of buying the furniture.

  1. Arranging from first to last –

From sofas to stools and tables, when you go in for furniture another challenge that comes your way is deciding what to buy first and what to buy last. Stating the obvious, first one should ideally go in for the sofas so that you have a fair idea of the space left and the entire look of the setup. Then one can for the tables and chairs, to adjust the placement of the scheme.

  1. Does the colour scheme suit the look –

It’s not only about the patterns and the cuts of the wooden furniture. It’s also about whether the colour of the wood blends well with the decor of the house. There are so many tones of wooden furniture available in the market, right from darker tones to lighter ones. The trick here is whether it suits your entire home décor setup.

While choosing furniture for your home can be so much fun. It is also important that it meets your needs and requirements perfectly for it to be a good investment.


All About Rustic Furniture

I have a reoccurring dream that I have an entire houseful of rustic furniture. I am usually sorry to wake up and find out it was just a dream. I really love the look of rustic furniture, and to own an entire houseful is indeed a dream to be dreaming!

I love the way the wood is crafted on each individual piece. Mixing some woods together such as Fir and Pine can make a piece unique as well as a beautiful sight to see. I love that so many of the legs on tables and chairs are the logs of the wood used. I love the look of just about all of it. I often think about how I would furnish a room if, or hopefully, when I could actually acquire some of those beautiful pieces of furniture.

I have considered which room. The living room, the bedroom, the game or family room, all have given me so many ideas. I cannot truly think of any room that would not be so beautifully enhanced with the decor made of these beautiful rustic pieces.

This type furniture does not dictate the same rules as other wood furniture choices where you need to be careful not to pick dark and light wood for the same room. With rustic creations, you can throw out some of those strict guidelines and make choices that are more pleasing than you might imagine. You can completely free up your imagination and your emotions to create a room you will enjoy just the way you want to enjoy it.

So first look for the items you would favor. Then you can choose the room you want to furnish. If you want your items to be of all the same wood, feel free, but do remember you can always select wood that is complementary and not necessarily matching. So start your search. There are many online retailers and handcrafters as well as neighborhood shops that offer rustic furniture and furnishings.

I would suggest you look around for awhile before you start picking out your items. The fun is choosing and imagining. The excitement is in finding just the right piece.

I have done enough dreaming about this type of decor that I know it is not going to be quick and easy, there are so many wonderful choices, and possibly your limit will be governed more by your budget than your desire.

You also might want to consider your floor while you are considering your furniture. If you have hardwood floors you are all set. These items look so perfect for hardwood floors. In my opinion, you will not want carpet. I just do not think this kind of furniture shows up to its most alluring on a carpet. Of course, all of that will be your choice but if you have hardwood or tile you might want to pick out an oval or a round braided rug to compliment the furniture you choose. Believe me, you might really like the effect this will give your room.

So, you can be giving this some thought while you are looking for just the right rustic pieces of furniture. You don’t want to neglect the other items you will want to add, like throw pillows, curtains, chair cushions on your “Adirondack” chairs for instance. These are the choices that will highlight the furniture.

Choices, delightful choices. It can be daunting, and it can be fun.

Colors, styles, all will matter more than just the particular type wood you favor. Whether your choice is Hickory, Teak, Pine, Cedar or Fir, all are good choices, but please be certain that you do not choose colors and patterns that will clash or take away from the charm you are creating

I believe you will know when you make just the right choices. And along with the wood, the colors and the styles, remember, you will not want to “over-furnish” your room. These beautiful rustic pieces tend to be larger than your average tables, chairs, and sofas, so the right amount, not overdoing, is important.

As long as you keep some of these ideas in mind, I know you will have a wonderful adventure choosing your new decor.